Hoodie Broke modello Arty FCK021


Hoodie model Arty central graphic institutional logo. Limited edition hoodie made in the Northeast of Italy with fabric already produced by J.A.P.R.A.W, 100% unbrushed cotton fleece. . Loose fit with straight bottom. Heat-sealed and overprinted band on the left sleeve, heat-sealed band overprinted on the back on the right.
Internal limited edition composition print, external neck institutional flag, internal neck logo broke keepsakes print.


Product Description

are you single or do you have a girlfriend who adores you? It does not matter. All women love details. With your hand-painted, limited-edition oversized T-shirt you are sure to get the recognition you deserve. In your free time you go out with friends and have fun with them, but sometimes the group is tight and you have to escape, feel free. The thermal rain hoodie allows you all the movements necessary to move easily. Barriers do not exist, they are only in the mind. You know nature and admire it, never waste anything. It teaches you that collaboration is always better; reuse is inherent in its way of operating, sustainability and recycling are the basis of our production. For us today, true ecology consists in respecting people, the environment in which we live. Only artisanal garments, handmade, slowly. Created from nothing in the sense that they are zero impact. Just like nature does, we take the best raw materials we have available to create unique garments. Always limited edition, not replicable, one different from the other. Like us. You are ready to go, the journey is essential for you. You need a windproof and thermal sweatshirt with a thumb slot. Our hoodie is also rainproof. Just take what you need and go alone or with the group. Get to know nature and its majesty. The rules imposed without a valid reason lead you to rebellion against the chaotic life of the city. In nature there is respect and the awareness that we are interconnected. Grab your bike to move faster wearing the slightly oversized broke sweatshirt.

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