Hoodie Broke modello Arty FCK022


Hoodie model Arty central graphic institutional logo. Limited edition hoodie made in the Northeast of Italy with fabric already produced by J.A.P.R.A.W, 100% unbrushed cotton fleece. . Loose fit with straight bottom. Heat-sealed and overprinted band on the left sleeve, heat-sealed band overprinted on the back on the right.
Internal limited edition composition print, external neck institutional flag, internal neck logo broke keepsakes print.


Product Description

In the mid-90s, broke created the first street clothing line inspired by the world of rap and break dance. Extreme sports are born and broke, rebel by definition, becomes an iconic brand par excellence. Wide resistance and pure style fit for the freestyle world. Share your passions with friends, create unique bonds that last forever.indestructible, like our garments.Natural fibers give superior comfort, cotton has great properties of body moisture absorption, excellent tear resistance, dries pretty fast.
Soft on the skin, it maintains body heat and respects your essence.
The hoodie in cotton is an iconic piece of streetwear as well as the oversized t-shirt. Worn by rappers, surfers and Skaters since the 80s. Broke interprets the king in his own way, slightly wide to allow agile movements but also protective against abrasions or unwanted glances. The most important piece of hip hop culture. The first break dancers and street performers of the Bronx used it when they painted their works at night on the NY subway cars. You are ready to go, the journey is essential for you. You need a windproof and thermal sweatshirt with a thumb slot. Our hoodie is also rainproof. Just take what you need and go alone or with the group. Get to know nature and its majesty. The rules imposed without a valid reason lead you to rebellion against the chaotic life of the city. In nature there is respect and the awareness that we are interconnected. Grab your bike to move faster wearing the slightly oversized broke sweatshirt.

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