Hoodie Model Arty Gore-Tex Logo Broke


Model Arty ,central graphic logo “roll the dice” heat-sealed. Hooded sweatshirt limited edition made in the Italian Northeast with fabric already produced J.A.P.R.A.W, 62% PES-25%PA -13% PTFE  Gore -Tex rainproof, windproof and thermal. Loose fit with straight bottom . Heat-sealed band and overprinted on left sleeve, heat-sealed band overprinted on the back right. Internal limited edition composition print, external institutional neck flag, internal neck print broke keepsakes logo.


Product Description


This Broke Sweatshirt we created it to keep you dry, not that warm in winter times, in fact it is great for the mountains and low temperatures. You love to stand out among the crowd, You can do what you want, be what you dream, you like to be noticed for the details that make a difference. Your day is full of nice surprises, you have fun with friends, you are part of the group but you are unique. You are a leader who follows his own way riding a powerful motorcycle or driving luxury cars but in the simple normality In the mid-90s, Broke creates the first line of street clothing inspired by the world of rap and break dance. Extreme sports were born and Broke, rebel by definition, became the iconic brand par excellence. Vestibiita wide resistance and pure style for the freestyle world. Gore-Tex Broke sweatshirt. Share your passions with friends, create unique bonds that last forever.indestructible, like our clothes. The luxury of unique jeans, pure streetwear style. iconic American clothing Made in Italy. Limited edition with sartorial details. Product km.0 zero impact, 100% sustainable. The small imperfections that make your jeans inimitable, as you are. Denim lives with the wearer and becomes personal. Every day is different, you are different and your jeans change with you. The first Italian streetwear brand, historical interpreter of American clothing, the world of hip hop. The rap of New York gives inspiration to broke garments, baggy pants, t shirts Oversize. Now this style is the luxury that comes from the street and broke uses the best materials and craftsmanship creating unique items, Made in Italy.

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