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Personal is a re-interpretation of Carpenter’s jeans with a slightly ‘baggy’ fit. Externally seamless and narrower at the bottom. Custom broke heritage buttons, inner piping and embroidered sartorial gentleman’s waist band. New pockets embroidery “mega dice”. Made entirely in Venice area. 12,5 oz Denim blueblack warp. With wool melange weft. Unwashed denim. Pockets linings in thermal microfiber personalized with ID card and limited edition number. The size worn by the model is a M (high 1.82).

Product Description

Selvedge baggy.
Natural fibers give superior comfort, cotton has great body moisture wicking properties, excellent tear resistance, dries quite fast.
Soft on the skin maintains body heat and respects your essence.
The Cotton Hoodie is an iconic streetwear item as well as the oversized t shirt. Worn by rappers, surfers and skaters since the 80’s. Broke interprets it in his own way, slightly wide to allow agile movements but also protective against abrasions or unwanted glances. The most important garment of hip hop culture. The first break dancers and street artists from the Bronx used it when they painted their works on the N.Y. subway cars at night.

Are you single or do you have a girlfriend who adores you? No matter. All women love the details . With your hand-painted, limited edition oversized t-shirt, you’re sure to get the recognition you deserve. In your free time you hang out with your friends and have fun with them, but sometimes the group is tight and you need to break out, feel free. The thermal rain hoodie allows you all the movements you need to move easily. Barriers do not exist, they are only in your mind.

You know and admire nature, it never wastes anything. It teaches you that collaboration is always better; reuse is inherent in its way of operating.Sustainability and recycling are the basis of our production. Nowadays for us the true ecology consists in the respect of people, of the environment in which we live. Only handcrafted garments, made by hand, slowly. Created from nothing in the sense that they have zero impact. Just like nature does, we take the best raw materials we have available to create unique garments. Always limited edition, not replicable, one different from the other. Just like us.

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30, 32, 34

Product description

Re-interpretation of Carpenter’s jeans with a more contemporary and international fit.12,5 0nce black denim with blue cast and wool melange weft. Denim unwashed. Unique item in limited edition of 33 pieces.

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