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Personal is a re-interpretation of Carpenter’s jeans with a contemporary fit, externally seamless. Custom broke heritage buttons, inner piping and embroidered sartorial gentleman’s waist band. New pockets’ embroidery “mega dice”. Made entirely in Venice area. 11,5 oz. Selvedge denim pure indigo long fiber cotton warp and buttoned combed cotton tinted weft. Raw denim. Hand-painted silk and wool pocket linings with macro ‘rolling dice’ logo. Hand painted on left leg and right pocket with ‘space dices’ macro logo. The size worn by the model is a M (1.82 tall).


Product Description

Selvedge pants

In the mid-90s, broke creates the first line of street clothing inspired by the world of rap and break dance. Extreme sports were born and broke, rebel by definition, became the iconic brand par excellence. Vestibiita wide resistance and pure style for the freestyle world. Share your passions with friends, create unique bonds that last forever. Indestructible, like our clothes.

The luxury of a unique jeans, pure streetwear style. iconic American clothing Made in Italy. Limited edition with sartorial details. Product km.0 zero impact, 100% sustainable. The small imperfections that make your jeans inimitable, as you are. Denim lives with the wearer and becomes personal. Every day is different, you are different and your jeans change with you.

Natural fibers give superior comfort, cotton has great moisture wicking properties, excellent tear resistance, dries quickly enough.
Soft on the skin maintains body heat and respects your essence.
The Cotton Hoodie is an iconic streetwear item as well as the oversized t shirt. Worn by rappers, surfers and skaters since the 80’s. Broke interprets it in his own way, slightly wide to allow agile movements but also protective against abrasions or unwanted glances. The most important garment of hip hop culture. The first break dancers and street artists from the Bronx used it when they painted their works on the N.Y. subway cars at night. Are you single or do you have a girlfriend who adores you? No matter. All women love the details . With your hand-painted, limited edition oversized t-shirt, you’re sure to get the recognition you deserve. In your free time you hang out with your friends and have fun with them, but sometimes the group is tight and you need to break out, feel free. The thermal rain hoodie allows you all the movements you need to move nimbly. Barriers do not exist, they are only in your mind.

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30, 32, 34

Product description

Personal is a re-interpretation of Carpenter’s jeans with a contemporary fit, slightly baggy and externally seamless, with sartorial details. Hand painted all over with “space dices” graphic that represents our mystical journey in search of awareness and comprehension . Pure indigo selvedge denim. Not washed. Unique item in limited edition of 33 pieces.

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