Oversize Ltd. Ed. T-shirt “The B is on”


Oversize T shirt “ The B is on ” FLYCATXBROKE manufactured in Treviso with J.a.p.r.a.w. heavy jersey fabric, 300gr./m2, broke loose fit slightly shaped on the bottom. Heat-sealed band with Broke “dice” logo overprinted on left sleeve. Central embroidery on the back bottom, heat-sealed band and overprinted on the right rear bottom. Internal limited edition label FLYCATXBROKE, external institutional neck flag, internal celebratory neck label.


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M, L, XL

Artist's graphic description

“The B is on” The second letter of the Alphabet, its architecture is formed on the numerical structure of 1 added to 3, represents ‘Beth’ that is the House, the Family, the Protection. In the Hip Hop imaginary, this element-letter has numerous values, such as Break, Beat, Bombing, Boogie, a single grapheme that becomes the container of all the energy that B-boys and B-girls possess. “My tag, the 6 letter-element that make up my “Name for its fame” FLYCAT to quote Rammellzee. My entire existence is in those letters, for them I have fought, suffered, delighted. Every morning I give special thanks to my Name”

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